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What’s In A Name

As a dental hygienist, I get to see 8 people every day that I haven't seen in 6 months or more (usually). So every day, 8 times a day, as soon as they notice the growing belly they will ask "Are you pregnant ?". Some would say that you sh… Continue reading

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Joys of Pregnancy

I titled this "Joys of Pregnancy" which may seem to have a sarcastic undertone, but seriously y'all – being pregnant HAS been a joy ! I have never had a day of true "morning sickness", minus one indulgent episode of a Dirty Mart… Continue reading

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Our Miracle in Pictures (continued…)

For me, it seemed like a very long time between being able to see Baby Comer at 8 weeks old and then having to wait 3 MONTHS to see the baby again ! But the day finally arrived and here are some of the pictures from our 45 minutes of amazement with the… Continue reading

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