More About Me

Please see my LinkedIn Recommendations, and you will find out that Not only am I very quick and efficient at what I do. I key the keyboard like the a rock star can finger the fretboard of a guitar, I type fast and think faster! My hourly rate is typically $60, but it can vary by type of job. When I charge, I only charge for the exact time that I put into work. If I work 5 minutes, I charge for 5 minutes. No rounding up, I actually round down to help out the client. No minimum time to work. Actually, the best deal I offer my clients is the recurring 3 Hours a Month for $90 Website Maintenance Plan (Sign Up Now!).

I am not limited to any of the above listings, types, or categorizations. I am willing to perform at my best ability in any job, role, or task that I commit myself. If you would like to work with me, then please contact me now.

less.. and also more or less available here, Hello World! and LinkedIn.