Boo-Da Halloween Fest in Buda

Boo-Da Halloween – October 27, 2011 – Downtown Buda

Downtown Buda serves as a safe and fun opportunity for children to trick-or-treat for Halloween and includes Halloween stories, crafts, games and more Halloween fun at the Buda Public Library and at all of the shops. We took GMAC and Grace and joined Aunt B, Cade, Harry, Cary Ann, and EE to our first ever Boo-Da Halloween in downtown Buda, Texas.

GMAC dressed up a fireman, of course!! Grace dressed up as a "meow-meow' kitty cat! Jenny dressed up as a sexy black cat! And Daddy donned the an oldie but goodie costume, an air fan inflated big person suit! Cade was wearing a little skeleton costume, to me he looked like the guys in the Karate Kid, ha! It was a great time and we must do this again next year as our new tradition rather than going to the Hill Country Galleria.

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