Children’s Campout at the Lake

This Saturday, we went up to the lake and held a Children's Campout with the help of Miss Kat. We got there before dark so that we could set up our tents and prepare for the night ahead. EE and GP came up to help, too.

We had a count of 18 children in all. They were all very good and had a great time that night. We cooked hotdogs, had chips and sodas. And played many games and even had a campfire, complete with acoustic bass guitar playing.

Kat slept with them in the clubhouse, while Mommy, Daddy, GMAC, and Grace slept out in a tent on the edge of a hill by the water. The temperatures got down to almost below freezing, but we brought a heater from home and with an air mattress if felt almost as good as sleeping at home.

We awoke the next day to Kat making pancakes, mmm good!! Despite Jenny getting side later in the week, GMAC having a cough, and Graces voice a little raspy, our first camping trip as a family was a total success and look forward to doing it again sooner than later.

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