Christmas and Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to the Oak Hill United Methodist Church where we have been going as a family for about three years now. It was a beautiful 5:00 Christmas worship service. GMAC donned a little sheppard's clothes and head dress. He did so well walking up there and standing throughout the long service, like such a big boy.

On Christmas Morning, we all woke up to the surprise of what Santa brought the night before!! So many toys and gifts for the kids. The kids were all wide eyed and surprised with all of the gifts and toys that Mommy, Daddy, family, and Santa brought to them. An 'ummy' rabbit for Grace and a fire truck for GMAC! And Daddy got a 60 inch plasma TV!!

Also, we secretly caught Santa Claus on video!!

Then Goo Goo and Papa Terry came over and even more gifts were exchanged. Whoa, lot's of gifts!! Goo Goo gave soo soo much!!

Then off to Aunt Barbara's house after nap time to have Christmas Dinner and exchange more gifts with the family. What a wonderful day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Comers!

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