Comerosa Kids and Mother’s Day Pool Day

On Friday after work, EE came by and picked up GMAC and Grace and took them to Comerosa for the weekend. Along with Ellen and Cade, they went to a festival in Belterra, complete with jumpy houses and three trucks! They had a blast! And Mommy and Daddy just caught up on their rest and slept most of Saturday. We were to stuffed after a Mother's Day brunch with Goo Goo and Papa Terry for an All You Can Eat Buffet at Luby's.

EE and GP brought the excited kids back home at noon on Sunday for Mothers Day. We exchanged gifts, it was good to have them back home with us. Some friends in Circle C invited us over to swim in the new pool that just opened last weekend. It was really nice of them to invite us there, since they don't have children and this pool is just for children. However, there are 10 minutes every hour that the adults have to swim in the pool and even the water slide. So if there is a full line of kids, you just walk right past them and go down as many times as you like, just as Daddy did over and over again!

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