Florida Family Vacation

We visited family in Florida for an entire week! We left on Saturday August 23rd and left on Saturday 30th. It was a great time! GMAC and Grace took their first airplane flight, earning their wings on Southwest and JetBlue. Jenny and her twin brother Joey celebrated their 34th Birthday Week together in Florida!! It was great to see Jodi and Kyle, since we have not seen them since GMAC's 2nd Birthday party in October, when they moved to Fargo, North Dakata.

We visited with Traci, Justine, and Courtney who welcomed us into their home as they always do, with such incredible generosity and openness!!

Our condo in Melbourne was great! The only thing that separated our view of the beach was our swimming pool! However, we spent the majority of our time hanging out with the Winton family at their wonderful home, just blocks from the condo. There we swam in their beautiful refinished swimming pool and outdoor patio area!! Playing cornhole and singing Karaoke!

We ate well every night! One night we went to the Green Turtle, which is a fancy seafood and butcher place, that serves Florida Brewery Beer on tap while you wait. We got some Salmon, Grouper, Tilapia, and Tuna which we later seared to perfection! We drank Zing Zang Bloody Mary's and lot's of good cerveza!

One day we took the family to SeaWorld in Orlando and made a day of it! We saw all of the shows and GMAC played on a 3 story playset full of nets and tunnels. He did the classic kid thing, cried when he had to leave the park because he didn't want to go…

Goo Goo and Papa Terry drove in from Austin to spend the later half of the weekend with us. How the kids were happy to see them!! More family came, like Aunt Marie. And Doug and Pat. We took family photos and ordered a platter of food and chicken wings from Long Doggers!

Traci took us onto base and showed us the helicopters that he works on! GMAC loved it so, he finally got to see "Uncle Traci Helicopters!" Being close the base also has it's advantages, as you constantly see the coolest military planes and choppers buzzing over head all day.

We went to the beach a couple times and the kids played in the sand. And one day we went to Beach 16 in Coco Beach and surfed the best waves of the week!

In the mornings Traci would make the best Espresso and Cuban coffees, mmm!!

The last night of our trip, the guys went to the Tiki, which is an awesome tiki lounge on the Air Force base! What a great time!

Then back home we went. EE and GP and Cade greeted us at the airport! It was nice to be back and see more family. It is still hot in Austin, no rain, but we are well rested and relaxed. A great trip!

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