G3!!! Garrett Mikeal Anderson Comer Turns 3!~

My little boy turned 3 today!
He is such a big boy and he knows it and so very proud of that fact. As our we as so proud parents. He has done so much in his time that we are so proud of and that make him a big boy. He has been potty trained for over a year! That is huge! He can recite the entire alphabet, something that he does not do often, but he can do. He can count into the 30's on occasions. He speaks highly intelligible sentences, at least to his Mommy and Daddy =-). Anything that this child sets his mind to, he can most definitely do, and do well. He has just entered the time of "Why?". Everything is "why, why, why." Which is so great as he has such a hunger for knowledge.

As with any parent, we are so proud of or little babies, they are everything to us, our whole world, we love them beyond words. I thank the Lord for this family. Garrett has changed our lives. He and Grace truly mean the world world to his Mommy and Daddy. I just can't believe that it has already been 3 years. Time flies by in the blink of an eye. Everybody tells you so much, but when you have little ones as a gauge, a measuring stick, it is so much more evident. I wish to cherish each day with them all lovingly.

Before departing for school this morning a gift had arrived by mail and was placed at the door. It was a big big wrapped in packing paper. Garrett can also spell most of his rather long first name as well as pick out his letters, "G" and "tt" when written. He say this box, saw his name, and knew it was "for my birthday." We told him that he had to wait until after school and he could open the gift sent by his Uncle Traci in Florida.

After Miss Toni's today, in which further celebrations continued and more cake was consumed, GMAC came home where Goo Goo and Papa Terry were waiting with presents. Garrett tore into those and all others in sight, as well as Traci's and was in hog heaven playing with the fire station Legos that Goo Goo had gotten him. A torn out page of a magazine has hung on his wall next to his light for months of this in which we would proudly proclaim and ask of anybody to get him for his birthday. Now here it was in the flesh, along with a newly sewed blanket, another fire truck, and the monster tuck fire truck that he wanted so badly at H.E.B. when we were there last week when retrieving medicine for Grace.

We celebrated with a Double Dave's Pizza and Pizza Rolls dinner. Following dinner, we blew out his fire engine candles and ate cake! Let them eat cake, we are in hog heaven with these little piglets. =-)

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