Garrett’s 3rd Birthday Party!!!

Today was the big day that Jenny worked so hard for our little man. She has done something that I have never seen done. She got the Austin Fire Department (AFD) from Manchaca Road, Engine 20 to come out to our event! It was a surprise to everybody, as we requested everybody show up at 10:30AM, thirty minutes earlier than the stated 11:00AM on the invitation. Most people did arrive early and were shocked as not one, but two fire engines rolled down the street, and stopping at our little party.

To my little man, this is everything. Garrett is all sorts of things, a multitude of super heros, pirate, a police offices, and most recently a cowboy. But most of all, he is a fireman! Something he never deviates from. A phase it still may be, but it is what he loves more than anything else. So when 2 fire engines full of fire fighters rolled up to his party, his day was most certainly made. He is a happy kid. Today he was fun grins, ear to ear.

The party was held at our friend's Grande Oaks Park, which neighbors Whispering Oaks. It is a nice little park that we take the family to for a park, playscape, basketball, and trail. Today, we shared it with all of our family and friends. The weather could not have been better, as it has already changed in temperature and feels like fall. It was a beautiful day. All of our friends and family were able to join us on this special day, thirty or so in all. And most people honored the birthday boy by wearing his favorite color "Green", pronounced "Gheen." This was a Green Party!

After some light sandwiches and fire safety from the firemen, we gathered around the beautiful homemade Fire Truck birthday cake to sing Happy Birthday to Garrett. He had some trouble blowing out the candles, but he finally did, then it was off to running around and playing with his friends. Then it was pinata time! This was our first party to feature a fire truck and we were a bit apprehensive about the fire truck pinata, but the line of kids taking their turns to whack at the thing were not discouraged. When the candy poured out all of the kids crowded around and filled their little paper sacks and went off to devour their hard earned treats.

Two of the kind of helicopters with dual rotor blades flew over and Garrett knowing that Mommy had called in the firemen was sure that this was Uncle Traci doing a fly over!

Before anybody knew it, Garrett had slipped off to the table where all of the presents were stacked and began to quickly open each one as fast as he could. With little encouragement he ran to everybody who gave him a gift, hugged them or their leg and told them "Thank You."

Thank you Garrett, for you have so enriched our lives, we are so thankful and blessed to have you and Grace.

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