GMAC 3rd Birthday Party with Miss Toni’s Fun Learning Center at The Fire Station

Garrett and his class at Miss Toni's Fun Learning Center celebrated his 3rd Birthday together at the Circle C Fire Station. Jenny took GMAC and Grace to school a little late today as everybody met at the Circle C Fire Station to start school this Monday morning. This is becoming a tradition, as we celebrated the same way last year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year, but Jenny did and took lots of photos. All of the kids, including Grace, had a wonderful time looking at the Fire Engines, Fire Trucks, and as GMAC recently correctly me "Arial Ladder Truck"s. Hearing the fire fighters instruct them about smoke detectors and fire safety. Then it was time for blowing out the birthday candle and eating cup cakes. My little boy had a great time, as firemen and fire engines are all that he talks about! =-)

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