GMAC Made Honorary Deputy Fire Chief of San Marcos, Texas by Mayor

GMAC was made an Honorary Deputy Fire Chief by Mayor Daniel Guerrero of San Marcos, TX. Mommy took GMAC and Grace to a Touch a Truck event in San Marcos on Friday to meet Melissa and Tate (Tater Tot). Despite Mommy's approval, GMAC had insisted that morning to dress in full fireman gear (boots, pants, shirt, jacket, helmet, and equipped with megaphone and walkie-talkie). When they got out of the car to walk up to the event, they were approached by local media cameramen and mayor for the photo opp. Photographs were snapped up with the Mayor as well as on the firetrucks (areal ladder truck, brush breaker, and pumper truck). So now it is official, Garrett Mikeal Anderson Comer is an Honorary Deputy Fire Chief of San Marcos, TX. Congratulations boy!

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