GMAC’s First Month

Our little boy is already a month old as of November 18th ! As his G.P. Mike says every time he sees him (which is almost everyday !) – he has grown so much. He doesn't have another official weigh in until his 2 month appointment with the pediatrician, but as per our home scale he is over 10 lbs now.

EATING : He eats like a maniac and is already up to 4 ounces a feeding !

SLEEPING: He is sleeping with us for the most part in the SnuggleNest and only wakes up once per night. He is napping lots during the day too !

PLAY: Garrett's favorite thing right now is a mobile that I made for him out of paper and I drew bold red and black patterns on all sides of three different cubes. I hung the cubes from the mobile attached to his swing and he will watch them and smile and coo at them. He also really likes to sit in his Rainforest bouncer that Auntie Amanda got for him 🙂

APPEARANCE: His eyes look so blue to us, but there is still time for change. He is loosing his dark baby hair and we are anxious to see what color hair will grow in its place !

We are enjoying watching him grow and play. He has had lots of visitors and we have had fun showing him off !

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