Grace Sick and Lazy Weekend

Friday night we met the Houltons at South Park Meadows for a band playing Pink Floyd. They were so good! They really hit all of the songs just right! I saw friends, Brian and Steve, there as well, both enjoying the great tunes! Parents and kids loved it alike. It is such a nice area to take the kids and let them run around and play on the huge playscape and a play area with all of the many other kids, while the parents can grove to the sounds of The Pink Floyd. Next Friday is Led Zeppelin, we hope to attend this as well.

My little baby Grace, who hardly ever gets sick, got sick this weekend. We were up with her at 4:20 AM Saturday morning as EE and GP came by on there way to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Jenny took Grace to the doctor and they said she had strep throat and an ear infection. My poor baby girl.

We stayed home and rested on Saturday instead of making a pilgrimage to Texas State vs Lamar football game and tailgating. Daddy worked around the backyard, mostly on adding some more decorative woodworking to the pergola that I reconstructed a few years ago.

After church on Sunday, Daddy did more work in the backyard by finishing the framing out the rest of the backyard and more on the French Drain.

Grace is still not feeling the best and we are here for our little girl.

Garrett is stoked about his Birthday week. Tomorrow is GMAC'S BDay celebration at Toni's Fun Learning Center, where they go to a trip, lunch, and cake at the Circle C Fire Station!! Tuesday is his 3rd BIRTHDAY!!! We will have Goo Goo and Papa over for Pizza at the house! Then Saturday is his big party!!

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