Halloween Weekend

Friday night was Game 7 of the world series. We watched Game 6 the night of Boo Da Fest which was a great game, but the Rangers lost. Well they lost the series tonight, but it was still a good game to see.

Saturday we went to the Barton Creek Mall and took family photos at Picture People. We got some good shots of the kids out of them and look for them soon here =-). After some early Christmas shopping and a Food Court lunch at Chick-fil-A.

We all got dress up again, GMAC and Daddy both as Spider-Man!! Grace as Woody from Toy Story. And Jenny again as that sexy black kitty cat!! We went to Onion Creek for the 2nd Annual Halloween Party at Shona and Mike Nietzsche's. We had a great time, but GMAC was out of his costume within the first 15 minutes of the party, just running around in his underwear. Then we stopped by Cora Lee's for a quick trick or treat!

Daddy and some friends went to a concert featuring Anthrax and other bands, dressing up in wigs as rockers and having a great night!

After a lazy Sunday, we joined the families on the top of Redleaf Lane, at the Ball's with the Kimmel's to carve pumpkins. All of the pumpkins looked amazing! And Jenny did such a great job on our tall pumpkin, making the man in the moon!

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