Inflatable Play and Cary BDay BBQ Weekend

Mommy did a lot with GMAC and Grace Saturday while Daddy was working. Daddy switched with Mommy and the kids at Inflatable Play. They had a lot of fun. GMAC was dressed up as the Transformer, Optimus Prime. And Grace was totting around a stuffed cat from the play Vet Clinic. We went home and had a great taco dinner, courtesy of Mami-san (as Grace has begun referring to Mommy as…)

On Sunday morning, Mommy took GMAC and Grace to Oak Hill United Methodist Church while Daddy helped Uncle Cary work at the condos. Then it was off the Uncle Cary's Birthday BBQ Dinner Lunch at Harry and Ellen's house. There were many candles for Cary and the 3 kids to blow out, but they did it, hopefully Cary will get his wish! Brittney's belly was budding a little bit with the new baby girl. The kids had fun running around, riding the toy Jeep, and rides with Cory on the riding lawn mower. It was a great day!

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