It’s A Girl – Baby Yarosh!!

!!It's A Girl!!

Today was the day that we found out. The Yarosh's went to the hospital today and had the doctors put the sex of the new baby into a manila envelope. Everybody was so excited for them all day and calling to beg them to open it early. But they resolved to open it up together with Cade as a family that night.

It's A Girl!!

They called us and we all gathered around the phone. Uncle Cary asked us all to weigh in with our thoughts on what we thought it might be. Daddy said "Boy". Momy said "Boy". GMAC said "Boy". And Grace was the one stand-out with "Giiirl".
Grace was right! When they said "Girl" over the phone, Grace jumped up and down, "Gir, girl, girl", "I win, I win". She was happy to have another little girl. GMAC cried and said he wanted a boy, but I know that soon enough he was be excited as we all are now, with the new Baby Yarosh Girl who is on her way!!

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