Jenny’s Office Holiday Party, Miss Toni’s Christmas Program, and Grace’s Frosty BDay Party

On Friday, Jenny and Daddy went to her Offices Annual Holiday Party. This year it was held at Gumbo's at the Galleria. The food and company were so good! The coworkers exchanged gifts, then it was time to surprise the Dr. with a very special gift. Daddy presented the gift wearing a rented Snowman costume. Everybody was so tickled and wished everybody a very Merry Christmas!

After leaving the Holiday Party, we hurried to Miss Toni's Christmas Program to see GMAC and Grace perform their parts along with all of their other fellow classmates. GMAC wanted the part of 'his favorite' Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, but was consoled with being another reindeer, but we didn't tell him that as he thought that he was the Rudolf. He started the play off with his standard "Ready, Set, Go" and sang the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer twice while the others where in reindeer costumes. Grace danced in a Frosty the Snowman costume while the others sang the song. At one point GMAC twirled around so many times that he got dizzy and disoriented and then fell right off of the stage and onto the floor. It was histerical!! There were so many other great moments in the program from so many talented children. It was a delight to witness these special children. Then afterwards, Santa made an appearance and gave all of the children special gifts. Then there was even a special appearance by the one and only Frosty the Snowman!!

Grace's 2nd Birthday Frosty Party!! On Saturday, all of Grace's little friends came out to celebrate our little girl turning two years old. When EE and GP brought GMAC and Grace home, after spending the night so that Jenny and Daddy could ready the house. Grace walked into the party, just barely underway, with amazement, astonishment, and utter excitement. The house looked like a Winter Wonderland, snowflakes falling from the ceiling, draping the entire house from hall, to living room, kitchen, and into the backyard. Now the party was ready to start, all of the children sat at the tables and worked on an arts and craft project to put together Frosty the Snowman. While everyone visited, the children ran from room to room and outside always caring armfuls of GMAC and Grace's toys. Time got away from the hosts, and we didn't get a chance do sing Happy Birthday to the special girl, until the party was almost over.

Uncle Cary donned a rented Frosty the Snowman costume, along with Mommy in a borrowed child snowman costume from Miss Toni, and made their entrance into the bustling den of our house. Frosty was carrying the beautiful Frosty the Snowman cake that Mommy handmade the night before. It was beautiful. Grace was sitting at her little tea party table looking the opposite direction at all of the smiling faces and adoring eyes. Not even realizing what was taking place behind here. When she finally realized that the Frosty the Snowman and Frosty's wife Crystal (played by Mommy) were behind her, she got so excited! Everybody sang Happy Birthday and brother GMAC helped her blow out the candles.

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