Jumpy Place Weekend

Well, not too much happened this weekend. Although, Jenny, GMAC and Grace met some friends at the Jumpy Place in Kyle. They all reportedly had a jumping good time!

Mommy and Daddy have been very busy working on some things for the family.

GMAC said something to Daddy this week when he was putting him down for bed. The conversation went something like this.
GMAC – "In Hot Lava."
Daddy – "In Hot Lava? How do you know about Hot Lava?"
GMAC – "Breck say that. Hot Laba. Hot Laba."
Daddy – "It's Lava, Honey. Not Laba. LaVVVVa, not LaBBBBa. VVVV, not BBBB, Hot Lava. Daddy knows all about Hot Lava."
GMAC – "And Everything!"
Daddy – "Everything?"
GMAC – "You know about everything. You are the best Daddy in the world."

OMG, my heart sank and I couldn't help but tear up. And told him that this was the sweetest thing he could have ever told me.

He ended up saying it 4 more times and that "Yoda was the Best Yoda in the World", but I was still the proudest Daddy in the world!!

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