Land Ho!, Cinco De Mayo, Jake’s 4th BDay Party

It was a busy weekend, lot's and lot's of fun!!!

On Thursday night, Daddy, Uncle Tommy, and two friends went to the Frank Erwin Center to see Roger Water's perform Pink Floyd's The Wall Live!! They had seen it in 2010 and to everyone's delight, it was returning again, but to Austin. Tickets were purchased over 6 months ago and the anticipation for the night's event was palpable. The show was incredible to say the very least. Please read more here.

On Friday, Mommy and Daddy took GMAC and Grace to Goo Goo's so that we could pick up Nanny and Harrold and drive them to Gracy Title, where we purchased Spring Valley Road Austin, TX 78737 from my grandmother. She and my late-grandfather have owned the land for over 37 years. They bought it from a man for the price of his late taxes. We bought it with the intention of building a future home on the site for our family. We are extremely excited about this great opportunity for our little family. Without the utter generosity of my grandmother, we would never ever had the chance like this to build our own dream home. We owe my grandmother, as well as my grandfather, and all of my family for a lot of what we have today. Without them, Daddy would not have gotten the education that he did, that allows him to help provide for the family today, nor the first house that he bought and continues to provide income for us today. Thank you Nanny.

That night, we celebrated with a terrific 1 1/2 inch grilled steak dinner with The Houlton's!!  Daddy's friend, Phillip, made a surprise visit from where he will be stationed with the Coast Guard in New Orleans for more than 9 months. It was a treat to have Daddy's buddy in town and spend some good quality time with him. And the steaks were easily the very best that we have had in probably an entire year or more, what a celebration!

On Cinco de Mayo, we really celebrated. First, we went to the Violet Crown Festival at a park in North Austin. GMAC and Grace had a wonderful time. They both created spinning painting artwork on CD/DVDs. And Mommy made them bead bracelets. It was hot so we decided to go swimming. We stopped at a new location of East Side Pies for some yummy Pizza pockets, then off to Goo Goo's pool to cool off! Phillip, Kat, and Lee joined us for their first time in the pool. It was still very sunny, but such a relief from a 90+ day in the heat. Then it was off to Maudie's Hacienda where both of our families enjoyed some of the best Tex-Mex that we have had in a very long time. And the Margaritas were enjoyable, too! Mommy seemed to know everybody there, seriously. All of her patient and friends would greet us, seems like everybody thought going to eat Mexican food today was a bueno idea! The Houlton's came by our house afterwards from a night cap and to plan Mommy and Daddy's summer trip with Kat to visit Phillip back in New Orleans. That night of the Supermoon, a great storm came in the night that woke Grace up and even Daddy. Daddy brought her to bed, but stayed up a little while to enjoy the spectacular lighting show! Along with the thunder, wind, rain, and hail, it was a sight to behold, even if it were in the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday, we went to Jake's 4th BDay Party at jumpy place. GMAC and Grace had a great time, of course. And GMAC had to, just had to sit next to his buddy Jake, while he was eating his BDay cake. It was so cute!! It was great to see all of the kids from Miss Toni's class there and find out about all the little siblings that would be joining their class in August. Afterwards, we met our favorite photographer, Carley with Cherry Blossom Photography. We took a leisurely stroll down the very trendy South Congress, it was really a lot of fun. And the sights, old brick buildings, storefronts, and street views will make for very pretty pictures. We went past some grandiose new fancy burger place that had a line stretched out and around the front of the building, but it was off to a great greasy Dan's Hamburgers for us. Mmm, finger lickin' good!

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