New Years Eve Party and New Years Day

Jenny and Matt decided to host a New Years Eve party at their home on Redleaf. It was a great time, starting at 9:00 and running through to 2012. AQll of our friends and some family were able to make it out and ring in the New Year with the Comers! It was great to see and have everybody over to our home, we thought that the party went very well and everybody had a good time and were safe. Thank you to all of our friends and family for helping us celebrate 2012 together!

GMAC and Grace stayed with EE and GP and celebrated the New Year by shooting off fireworks with Uncle Tommy. GMAC even stayed up until 10 minutes to midnight!!

On New Years Day, after cleaning up the mess left after the party, we were able to go out to Comerosa for the Annual New Years party to eat black eyed peas, venison, and other yummy food! Topping off the night with fireworks with Uncle Tommy, then over to Phillip's house for a night cap.

Happy New Year, happy 2012 to all of our family and friends!

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