Old Settlers Music Festival and Brecks 5th BDay Party

We had a full weekend. Daddy was volunteering again at the Old Settlers Music Festival, from Thursday through Sunday. And camping many of those days.

It was the best year yet at the 25th Annual Old Settlers Music Festival in Driftwood, Texas! This was my fifth year to volunteer at the festival with the Watering Hole Crew. I was able to camp out for tow nights and even bring the family out for Saturday and again at the campgrounds on Sunday. I was able to see some great musicians and eat some great BBQ! OSMF is located at the Salt Lick Pavilion and camping at Camp Ben McCulloch.

On Saturday, Daddy took GMAC and Grace with him to OSMF. Mommy was at a big sale that day, getting all kinds of things for the little ones. Mommy met with everybody later in the day and brought a Mike the Knight dress up costume for GMAC, which he promptly insisted on putting on. We all went swimming in Onion Creek together, some even in their skimmies. The water felt great. Daddy and GMAC skipped flat rocks and went for swims underwater. This was our first time swimming this year, and Grace took to it like a fish and cried when we got out. GMAC again put on his costume, complete with boots, pants, suit with hoodie, chest plate, and helmet. We ventured across the street and went in to get a spot under a shade tree, take in some music, fresh squeezed lemonade, and great BBQ! Grace fell into a nap and GMAC went to the Jumpy Houses and Petting Zoos. We couldn't walk 20 feet without people talking and taking picture of the little Knight at the Festival!

On Sunday, we all went to Breck's 5th Birthday party at his grandparents place on 1826. It was a monster party. It was great, all of the kids were dressed up as spooky scarey monsters!! Most of Miss Toni's class were there and gobbling down the candy and other treats. GMAC was dressed as a skeleton and wearing his General Grievous mask (from Star Wars Ep. 1?) and Grace was Bizarro Supergirl. Afterwards, we ventured back to the campgrounds at Camp Ben and got right back into the creek for another swim. We closed out the evening eating a BBQ dinner outside listening to music at the Salt Lick. It was a great weekend!


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