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Today is me and my wife, Jenny’s 15th Wedding Anniversary. It is also the day that IBM told me that I had 1 month until I would no longer be employed with IBM. That after 16 and a holf years at IBM, June 22 was my last day, due to a large resource action with 22k US Employees.

It is challenging to not get caught up in the decision that was made by my manager, as my yearly checkpoints had glowing reviews. However, I have been through as many managers in these last 4 years as an IBMer. IBM and the Marketing Services Center (MSC) in which I was a part of, due to the content work around in WordPress. Just this past August, my former Manager gave me the largest bonus on the team and also gave me a raise to improve my PMR.

The IBM Blogs team is a great team, made up of me the

Looking for a role as a Scrum Master Agile Project Manager , you can see my on and my website, too:

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Matt Comer is seeking employment with a great company as an Agile Product Owner or Certified Scrum Master, Project Manager.
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