Seeing Family and Biscuit Brothers

We met Janna, Nick, McCarty and Starkey (yes of a little band named The Beatles fame). They have cousins Lennon and Harrison, too! We all ate at Chuy's North. Goo Goo and Papa Terry were there as well as Nicks mother. It was so great seeing and meeting family for the first time or for Jenny's sake, first time in a long time. It was so nice to meet them. Janna the oh so talented craft maker, made GMAC his very own framed GMAC sign!! And Grace a little toto!!

Then we went to A Wonderful Life festival at First Evangelical Free Church. It was a surprise to see EE, GP, and Cade there! We all made and sprinkled Christmas cookies, made our own Christmas tree ornaments, visited a petting zoo, got balloon art, got faces painted, played at the playground and of course say the  amazing Biscuit Brothers and other great musicians.

On Sunday after the play at Church, we had a playdate with classmate from school. Both kids had a great time with the girls! It was fun to get to know the parents and see their beautiful home. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Houlton's while Phillip was frying many a chicken. Mmm, good!

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