Steak Out and Big Boy Bed

We went up to the lake and grilled at the community Steak Out! It was a lot of fun. All the grills were red hot when we arrived with some tender rib eyes. All of the yummy sides and dessert were provided. Afterwards there were door prizes for the children, of which not only GMAC won, but Grace did as well! A new boys and girls drink cup and beach towels! They had a blast and fell asleep in the truck on the ride back home.

Author and friend, Jeanne Rutan Murray, gave and autographed her book Ride Like a Cowboy from the Learn And Discover How To… Series of books. GMAC and Grace look forward to many readings of this great book. Thank you Jeanne!

On Sunday, after church at OHUMC, and a short nap at home, we met EE and GP at Sam's Club and bought a new full size box frame and mattress, then went home and disassembled Grace's crib and converted it into it's final piece, a full size bed for GMAC. We switched beds and Grace got her a new bed, too. Daddy's old top bunk bed! They both loved their new beds and Grace even slept through the night in hers. This is a welcome relief for both Mommy and Daddy whom we often all sleep together in one bed when we put them down to sleep for the night.

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