Toni’s Pajama Party, Santa on a Firetruck, Lee’s 3rd BDay Party

Friday night was the Pajama Party at Miss Toni's Fun Learning Center. GMAC and Grace petitioned to go and spend the better part of the day and night with all of their friends. Jenny and I were able to meet in downtown Austin for a Happy Hour at Corazon at Castle Hill. It was nice to be together and enjoy some great food and drinks together. We were also able to take in a movie at home, and a  late night snack all before pickup up the kids before 10:00 from the late night party.

On Saturday, Mommy took GMAC and Grace to, fellow school mate, Jasmine's 5th BDay Party. A Mad Scientist party, complete with a real scientist who performed many cool experiments. Later that day, we packed up and headed up to the lake for a special appearance from Santa Claus on a fire engine. The Pedernales Fire Department came out in force, Santa riding up on the side of a brush breaker, a special van, and a fire engine. Santa hugged all of the children, then came inside for a decked out winter room, complete with Christmas tree and Mrs. Claus. GMAC and Grace sat patiently at the feet of Santa. When he read out their names, they ran up to him and accepted the presents that he brought for them. GMAC a fire truck and Grace some stuffed animals. All of the children continued to play on the floor while the adults exchanged gifts in a game of White Elephant. Mommy even won a door prize, heck two in a row!! Then we went up to the cabin and slept for the night. The rain came late at night and it was so nice to hear the rain on a tin roof.

The next morning we woke up and grabbed some breakfast tacos from Grandpa's on Hwy 71 and Bee Creek Road, then ventured back home. After a rainy day nap we went to Lee's 3rd BDay party at Phillip and Kat's. The kids had a great time doing a dinosaur egg hunt!! Then we went home and put up the Christmas tree, it was a great weekend.

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