Touch A Truck and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

This weekend we took the kids to Touch a Truck at an elementary school on Highway 360. It was a surprise, GMAC and Grace didn't know what we had planned until we pulled up and saw all of the vehicles and of course, the firetruck!!

Touch a Truck is really neat. The children had full access to all types of cars that were put on display in the parking lot. Buses – school bus, party bus, city bus, VW bus, limo, taxi cab, army trucks, jeeps, Humvee, Hummer, police vehicles, fire department vehicles, ABIA mock airplane float, scissor lift, concrete mixer, trash truck, street sweeper, RV camper, ice cream truck, Hey Cupcake truck… Oh my, the only thing was that kids were honking the horn in these large vehicles, whew…

On Sunday we went down to San Antonio to see Mommy run a half marathon and hand off her baton to her teammate, Johnny. Mommy did really good running with her friends, doing 10 minute miles for her 8 mile portion. Afterwards, a concert was held, where Vince Neil of Motley Crue performed. This was the first rock and roll concert that GMAC and Grace have attended, they are now Crue heads!

We then went to a celebratory lunch at Restaurant La Hacienda de Los Barrios for Mexican food. A place where Jenny and I had gone with friends several years ago on New Years Eve. The food and puffy tacos were as good as we remembered. GMAC, Grace, and Uncle Tommy were on their best behavior.

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