UT Baseball Game and Roxanne Going Away Party

On Friday night, our family friends invited us to a UT vs the number 1 team in the country, Baylor (for the first time in their program history) at Disch-Falk Field on the University of Texas campus. Daddy and Mommy took GMAC for his second baseball game experience and Grace to her first! Our friends had won with a bid at a Seton charity event, so they had 20 tickets to probably the best box seats suite in the stadium. It was in the University Federal Credit Union's box, with plenty of inside and outside seating. A foul ball came up and even hit our window, leaving a mark! Food was available, finger appetizers, quesadillas, baked potato, hamburgers, and oh so yummy ballpark hotdogs!! Even the mascot "Hook 'Em" came by for photos!! Daddy kept calling him, Bevo, and so did GMAC, good thing he couldn't talk or he would have been able to express his displeasure with being mistaken for that cow! I hadn't been to a game here in 10 or so years, long before it was remodeled and added onto, but never it such an extravagant area.

It was a great chance to see the #1 team, but unfortunately it wasn't UT, which had just fallen to #7. They lost the night before, as this did this night, too. We also saw Mommy's dentist at the game. He was sitting right up front, just behind home plate, it was a great seat, too! We went down and visited him and he insisted on getting some Cotton Candy for the kids, good thing we couldn't find any, as they would have gotten crazy! Poor Grace, she started running a fever, as she got some sun on the top of her head, where the part in her hair is at, so she fell asleep early. But she was fighting it and did not want to leave early.

On Saturday, Daddy attended WordCamp Austin, down on a campus on Westgate, read more about his attendance. Mommy played with GMAC and Grace for most of the day to their delight! EE came by and picked up GMAC only, since Grace was still feeling a little ill. Then we went to Jenny's Dentist home for a going away party for one of her fellow coworkers. His parties are always a blast!! And tonight was no different, complete with superior white and red wines, good tunes, and great food catered by one of our favorites, Mandola's Italian Market. Goo Goo watched our little Grace for us and even brought her some Pizza Pizza! The girls had a great time, so good that they were still up when we made it home as late as we did.

On Sunday, we went to Comerosa to pick up GMAC, who had stayed the night with Cade. Then we went to OHUMC for church services. We went home had lunch, a nap, then rode around the street with GMAC learning on his bike without pedals, seat, or training wheels, so that he learns balance.

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