What’s In A Name

As a dental hygienist, I get to see 8 people every day that I haven't seen in 6 months or more (usually). So every day, 8 times a day, as soon as they notice the growing belly they will ask "Are you pregnant ?". Some would say that you should never ask a woman if she is pregnant for fear of her actually NOT being pregnant – these people have clearly never heard that rule !
However, I am pregnant and enjoy talking about it so I don't mind a bit. Having said all of that, anyone who has been pregnant will agree that there are certain questions that everyone will inevitably ask…"When are you due?", "Do you know if it is a boy or a girl ?", "How have you been feeling?"and "Will you come back to work after you have the baby?" – usually in that order 🙂 So let me answer some of those questions for everyone out there !

Due Date : October 12, 2008 (Libra, if anyone keeps up with that sort of thing)
Sex : Unknown, Matt and I have chosen to be SURPRISED !
Will I come back to work : Yes, at least 3 days/week (which is only 1 less day than I work now)

Now, I left out one of the more recent questions that I have been asked more frequently and that is…"Have you thought about names?". The answer to that question is yes and no. Matt and I have different ideas of what a name should be – I like traditional names , he likes more modern names. I'm am truly afraid this child will be nameless until a decision MUST be made~~ So, if anyone has any ideas, ANY ideas at all, send them to us ! Otherwise, if Matt gets his way, if we have a boy his name will be Chazz or Blaine and our precious little girl will be named Blaire (there is nothing wrong with Blaire – but who can honestly tell me they don't immediately reference The Facts of Life when they hear it ?).

Save me from my 80's pop culture nightmare, your suggestion may just be a winner !

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