Yarosh Pumpkin Patch

EE and GP watched GMAC and Grace on Friday night so Jenny and I could prepare and setup for the big birthday party on Saturday. They were to watch Cade on Saturday, so GMAC and Grace joined them again that night.

This allowed Jenny and I to attend a Texas Book Festival Literary Pub Crawl. First we went to the Texas State Cemetery for a 'midnight' tour at 8:00. Armed with a flashlight we joined the mob through the moon lit tour of famous Texans. Following the tour, we went to the Scoot Inn to see Fight Club author, Chuck Palhunick, read from a story and bombard the crowd with his antics. We ran into some friends afterwards and went to East Side Pies for some very delicious pizza pie! This is the second time this week that I have been to East Side Pies, as James and I discovered it on Monday on our way to the Erwin Center for a Fire Relief Benefit concert for the families in Bastrop who lost everything in the fires a few weeks ago.

Sunday morning, we attended the early services at church, then went to Comerosa to pick up GMAC and Grace. Then we all went to the Yarosh's to visit Harry's Garden, one of the best little garden's and green thumbs that I have seen in the area. Papaw let the kids pick lot's of pumpkins to take home. Even a green one on GMAC's insistence. It was a great day and we are all looking forward to Halloween.

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