Employment Response


I will entertain Austin, TX only. Please remove me for any listings outside of Austin, TX.
I am currently under contract with IBM in Austin until the end of December 2016. I may renew at that time or look for a new position. Please keep me in mind for that time.

Just looking for what everybody wants: a better paying job, better benefits, better incentives and bonuses, ability to advance, ability to learn new technologies and skills, more responsibility and recognition, and the ability to work remotely, and being appreciated for the long hours and hard work.

Resume is located at:

Matthew Comer

I typically don’t have anybody to refer as all of my colleagues of my age are a dying breed. Either they are sitting tight where they are, been outsourced, or they have moved to a different career field, I don’t have anybody to refer anymore. However, I would like to claim any offered referral bonus, please contact me.