GMAC Is A Bike Rider!!!

At 3 years and 8 months old, Garrett is riding a bike, no training wheels. Two weeks to the day, when GP picked up a Strider balance bike for Daddy off of Craigslist, it was green and not a scratch on it!

Today, as we often do, we rode bikes together down to Nanny and Pops house. Daddy on his old school 80's tricked out Raleigh (baby blue!) and GMAC on his green Strider. We went down his favorite hill today without crashing at the end. So like Daddy has told him over the last week, we are going to go home let him ride his bike with training wheels, then take them off, to see how GMAC does on it. Tonight we did just that. Daddy removed the training wheels from the bike. GMAC promptly jumped on it and with a little holding him from behind, he cruised off! He just took off, I didn't have time to grab a video camera, nor did I prepare for it. He did so surprisingly well, we stopped, went inside and got Mommy and Grace, who just fell sick. We all went outside and all amazed at what GMAC could do. He could ride his bike without training wheels!!!! What a proud Daddy!!!
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