GMAC on Bike with Training Wheels

Jenny spent some good times with the kids this weekend and had a playdate with Willie at Cora Lee's house.

On Sunday, Daddy encouraged GMAC to ride the bike with training wheels on it, that was given to us a few weeks ago. He had previously only rode the bike the length of half of the living room, maybe 5 feet. But today, I had him do a lap around the fireplace from the living room around to the den and back. Trying to get him to do 5 laps and thinking that would be it. However, he insisted on 100 laps, almost unthinkable, but he upped the ante and said 113!! Mommy, Daddy, and Grace cheered him on as he got to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, he is half way there!! 60, 70, he started getting tired and his interest was waning as Grace and Mommy played with Legos on the floor. At this point he questioned his devotion to his goal, but we helped him keep his eyes on the prize. M&M's were employed as a motivator as he could get one upon the successful completion of each lap. However, by 80, he said "I changed my mind, I don't want to ride anymore". At 90, "It is boring", but we amped up the excitement enough to get him on the final 10 laps. 100!!
We celebrated with a party, just like Mommy's race, the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio, complete with a CD of Motley Crue karoke with Daddy. GMAC gladly gave some victory laps for the final 13, 113 in total! Mission accomplished!!!

In the afternoon, we all went up to the Westgate Lanes Bowling ally by our neighborhood. EE, GP, and Cade And Brittney, and Cary joined us as well. Grace, even though bowling was her idea. We all did very well today, Mommy, Daddy, GMAC rolled the especially well today, much harder and faster then the 2.8 avg. mph that he did last time. Cade was a good listener and took Uncle Matt's instructions on putting the 6lb. ball between his legs and giving it a good heave-ho shove down the lane.

After naptime, GMAC awoke early, and as planned after the big race, we went to go ride bikes outside. Either up or down the street, we decided to go up the slight hill then onto the flatter part of Redleaf Lane. With a little push start we were on our way. Thinking we could just get as far as his buddy Owen's house at the end of the street. We encountered a street gang of kids and GMAC was excited to continue on. It was a struggle to keep him near the curb and out of the middle of the street. Although there was not much traffic on this very brisk Sunday afternoon, so we were lucky in that respect. Daddy riding his 80's freestyle bike, jumped one of the road humps. And GMAC had to follow suit. Up the hump, then down, oops he fell down. I told him to dusty himself off and get back up and get back in the saddle, which he did without crying or anything. Down the hill and one other nasty spill, but he took me literally and did exactly as I said about dusting himself off. We rounded the corner and with a little guidance made it all the way to Granny's house!! He was so proud of himself and sat on his bike at her front door awaiting the positive affirmation, but they were not home. GMAC wanted to ride back home, so we did, the entire way back on the sidewalks! After warming up at home, we went back out side and did another block. He is now begging Daddy to take off his training wheels, keep it up kid and we can remove them soon!

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