Comerosa Kids Weekend and Super Bowl

Mom picked up GMAC and Grace on Friday and took them up to Comerosa to spend the night. After buying the traditional Pizza, Pizza, of which Grace was excited about, but GMAC was just interested in Chicken Nuggets. Mom told me that she awoke in the night, on the couch, being shoved off of the bed by GMAC, Dad bear snoring while hugging Grace. GMAC was saying "Jack took my spot" over and over again. She ran to the bed and Jack, the dog, had come up from his burrows under the covers to sleep on the pillow, the spot where GMAC usually sleeps. GMAC was not happy about this and Jack was sent to his bed on the floor.

It was sad to find out that Shelby dog went to Doggie heaven today. Everybody is very sad to see such a great dog go.

Sunday, after Church, Mommy and Daddy donated blood to the Central Texas Blood Bank, as they parked the colorful bus at the Oak Hill United Methodist Church. The kids loved it because they got to eat all of the cookies, snacks, and fruit punch normally reserved for the weary patients.

Then we took GMAC and Grace to a Super Bowl Party at Paul and Amy's house, as their last party before they move. It was a great party, great food, brisket and fresh wild pork. Unfortunately we had to leave early. But when we got home, GMAC stayed up late with Daddy and finished watching the big football game. It was a great day.

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