Holday Week with the Family

Jenny was off of work this week, as were GMAC and Grace. They played and did things all week. We went to the park and took some family photos for our holiday Christmas cards. We didn't get any out before Christmas, so we thought we could send New Year cards to all of our family and friends. We got lot's of great photos, but the best was a candid funny shot that we ended up using.

On Wednesday, we went to a friends house for lunch. It was such a nice time with a sandwich platter and great company. It is friends that we do not see often, so it was great to visit them and see their home. It was beautiful. And soon to be a kids wonderland!! Full of games, trains, and toys! They have casino style games hung on the wall. And a really cool Star Wars pinball type of gambling game, too!! They were way way too nice and thought to give our children gifts. I don't know how, but Peter is a Jedi and somehow guessed exactly correctly what both kids loved most and the ONLY item each asked of Santa for Christmas this year, an 'ummy' rabbit and a firetruck for Grace and GMAC, WOW!! Thank you for good friends and welcome or extending friendship with new friends!

On Thursday, Jenny took the kids to San Antonio to visit with her friends and exchange gifts, everybody came back worn out and Jenny even sick. She came down with Strep throat. She rested that night.

On Friday, after Jenny returned from the doctors office, she rested for the remainder of the day. Daddy took GMAC and Grace over to Mike's house for a lunchtime swim in his indoor heated pool! That night, Mommy stayed home, but Daddy took GMAC and Grace to a friends house for authentic spaghetti dinner!! The family shared recent photos, videos, and stories from their recent sailing trip to BVI, WOW! Someday, I would love to do this with the children, what a eye opening experience for all!

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