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“Matthew and I worked closely together on the redesign of IBM’s blog web pages at large. This extensive project accomplished a more streamlined and accessible template for IBM to increase audience engagement and optimize the posting process.

Matthew’s knowledge goes beyond that of a project manager. Not only does he have excellent managerial skills, but he has a strong sense of leadership and technical expertise regarding the overall development of a site.

On a personal level, he is equally as kind and respectful as he is professional and knowledgeable. He truly cares for his colleagues and makes sure that everyone on his team is well supported.”
David Celis Garcia, Co-worker and Team MemberIBM

“Matt is a person any team would be lucky to have. In the time I have known him, Matt has grown from a super technologist into a skilled project manager. His technical background makes it easy to see the opportunities and challenges ahead, keeping projects on track. Matt has creative ideas about how to add value along the way, regularly exceeding expectations. On top of his skills and expertise, Matt has a can-do approach and a positive attitude, that make working with him a great experience.”
Marita Leonard, Co-worker IBM

“I’ve worked with Matt for several years at IBM and always found him to be considerate, conscientious, knowledgeable and helpful. Even after he moved to a new group I was always able to contact him if I needed something and he never hesitated to respond with a genuine desire to help. Matt would be a great asset to any department in any company.

I highly recommend Matt. Any organization would be lucky to have him.”
Anna Magenheimer, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is a remarkably effective agilist and project manager, recognized for excellence and lifting the work of his colleagues to new levels.”
John “Boz” Handy Bosma, Ph.D. and Master Inventor, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is an awesome project manager that I have always enjoyed working with. We worked together at IBM for several years. Matt has always been a go to person for questions on web development or project management. I have always been impressed by his knowledge of WordPress. Thanks to him our team was able to pull off some challenging migrations with limited resources and tight deadlines. He is also a great collaborator and a good person to bounce ideas off of.

I highly recommend Matt. Any organization would be lucky to have him.”
Frankie Mozingo, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is a great project manager with the ability to motivate and organize others. I had the pleasure of working with Matt for two years at IBM Marketing Services. He consistently demonstrated great leadership in whatever project he was working on. He was an IBM mentor to new employees and did a great job in coaching them to success. He firmly believes in listening to others’ opinions, but can make the hard choices for the success of the company. I highly recommend him, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Charlene Martindale, Co-worker IBM

“I was responsible for launching a new enterprise editorial platform at IBM. It would not have happened without Matt. The challenge was to unite 150 separate business unit blogs into a new standardized look/feel with a new set of guiding principles.

An effort as large as this required serious collaboration because of the intricate workflow. It could not be successful unless I had a scrum master that had a deep expertise not only in tech, but within editorial design, UI, UX…Matt did. As resourcing, budget, timing issues arose, Matt took care of them like a dragon slayer.

Matt is one of the most competent and kind colleagues I have ever worked with. I look forward to working with him in the future. Any company that hires him is a very lucky company.”
Alona Fromberg-Elkayam, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is one of the best connectors I know. Luckily, I have the pleasure of sharing a workspace with him. Not only is he a valuable resource for me, but I’ve also learned that he naturally likes to help others in general. I’m always at awe at how Matt can bring people together, from within or across departments to achieve a shared goal. He looks for opportunities to contribute to the group, team and company. These are some of his greatest strengths. And no matter how stressful work or life gets for you or himself, Matt often has a smile and a joke to tell. Matt is an asset to any team.”
Antonio Banda, Co-worker IBM

“Matt was a fantastic member of my team. He always brought a positive attitude to all of his assignments. He was very creative and would interact well with our business teams to find the optimal solution. I really enjoyed working with Matt and he was someone I could always depend on.”
Tom Kusnierz, Co-worker IBM

“I have worked with Matthew Comer for 6 years at Millward Brown IntelliQuest and the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADDS). If you require a high-energy person who has a no-excuses attitude and is up for any task, then Matthew is the person you are seeking. Matthew is conscientious in his personal and professional life. He takes pride in himself and his work and derives considerable satisfaction from doing projects well. He is an individual who learns fast and is eager to acquire new skills. His successes provide ample testimony to his strengths in these important areas. While working with Matthew, he always has met his deadlines, and was excellent at using and learning a variety of advanced programming languages.

In addition to his technical and management skills, he has strong interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills. Some of the best I’ve ever encountered. He has a great ability to relate to others and he always takes his time to help with any technical or managerial issues. He’s very approachable and always willing to help. Matthew and I worked independently of a variety of projects. He’s very good at trouble shooting programming bugs or finding a solution. I can’t tell you how many times he’s fix problems in my code. When we worked at Millward Brown IntelliQuest, Matt was selected as Employee of the month by our manager.

It is clear to me that Matthew is an exceptional candidate, one who would contribute greatly to any organization. Compared to other employees I’ve worked with, Matthew stands out as one of the brightest and most friendly. Matthew will succeed in any avenue he chooses. Matthew is the type of person that you will remember working with during retirement age. I wholeheartedly recommend him and wish him the best in all future endeavors.”
Jeremiah McMillan, Co-worker IBM

“Matt has excellent blend of IT architecture & Management skills. He made drastic improvements in planning and implementation of WordPress environment we host. It was pleasure working with him. I will be happy to recommend him for techno managerial roles.”
Dhiren S. Chouhan, Co-worker IBM

“Having worked with Matt on a major strategic project that brought immediate impact to streamlining business imperatives at IBM, Matt holds advanced project management skills, leadership, agility, and creativity. The combination of both his hard and soft skills, matched with his high energy and collaborative mentality was a pleasure to work with.”
Brad Westmark, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is an ideal teammate with the unique combination of technical proficiency, approachability, and focus on continuous improvement. He naturally builds strong interdepartmental relationships, is engaged in many communities, and enthusiastically seeks opportunities to lend a helping hand. In addition to his extensive experience, he provides a polished, positive, and capable presence that adds value to any team.”
Vincent Wade, Co-worker IBM

“I have known Matt for the past 5 years, working for PartnerWorld & IBM Blogs project. His leadership, team building, networking and project management skills have been invaluable to the team. He is very enthusiastic, approachable and displays a lot of warmth – a pleasure to work with.

I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him so far 🙂 Wishing him all the success in his current and future roles!”
Santosh Thomas, Co-worker and Team Member IBM

“I had the pleasure of working with Matt for two and half years at the IBM, collaborating on IBM blogs team. In the year of 2017 he joined the team as project manager and he didn’t take much time to gel with us. Matt has excellent technical skills and managerial skills which helped our team to grow. Matt’s ability to cheer us up with his positive attitude is something I will be looking into my next boss as well 🙂 All the best Matt”
Debarati Datta, Co-worker and Team Member IBM

“Matt has been terrific to work with on technical needs for the Big Data & Analytics Hub blog. He brings all of the knowledge and professionalism to his role on a daily basis that you would expect from someone with his experience and credentials. However, it is his proactiveness and positive attitude that distinguishes him from others and makes him an outstanding contributor at IBM. He is a highly personable and team-oriented leader, mentor and all around great individual. I highly recommend collaborating with Matt should you have the opportunity!”
Carolina Walker, Co-worker IBM

“I worked with Matt for about 8 years at IBM but that was too long ago to comment on his current skills which have increased substantially, so this recommendation will focus a bit more on the person.

We supported the same team and we developed and then maintained a Website for IBM Services in the early 2000’s. I relied heavily on his technical skills, while I focused more on the marketing and sales content for IBM’s Business Partners. Because Matt is such a team player, working from different parts of the country and never meeting, still worked excellently. He was always showing me a new functionality the site could benefit from and could explain it so that less technical savvy folks like me could understand. Often, he would just do it and show it to me. I don’t remember ever turning down any of those proposals if it would benefit the site. At time, I’d come up with the ideas and need Matt to figure it out from a technical standpoint. We made a good team.

Finally 10 years after working together, I found myself in Austin for a work meeting, and finally met Matt face to face then. What a pleasure it was! Anyone who works with, or just knows Matt, should welcome that opportunity.

With his broad work skills and people skills, this genuine nice guy will be an asset to any organization.”
Carolina Walker, Co-worker IBM

“Matt and I have been teammates the last several years and I have high regard for his project management skills. Each time I’ve engaged with him related to the projects he manages, he has been highly responsive and has had complete command of his projects and the statuses I was seeking. In addition to him being a highly skilled project manager, he has been an engaged and supportive teammate. I’ve joked with him that everywhere I turn for professional education and development, to engage in team cultural events, or to volunteer in support of veterans, I’ve found him already there immersed, leading and serving. He is exactly the type of person I want as a teammate.”
xJan Van Hoomissen, Co-worker IBM

“I have worked with Matt for over 5 years at IBM. He is a dedicated, enthusiastic professional who always delivers on his commitments to stakeholders. I have enjoyed working with him and hope to work with him on future projects!”
Sherri Wernikoff, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is a uniquely gifted coworker, equally good with technology, process, and people. In my career, I’ve rarely come across someone who is as adept at managing both projects and products as well as interfacing with those across the company. In his work overseeing WordPress and blogs from a technical perspective at IBM, he speaks the language of developers, but he also understands business and editorial needs and advocates for them. He is a source of knowledge not only for team members working directly on the project, but also those throughout marketing who need help troubleshooting. He’s also a joy to work with, as invested in his coworkers as partners on a project as he is in them as people.”
Kimber Myers, Co-worker IBM

“While I have not worked side by side with Matt on any projects at IBM, I did sit next to him for a year so have seen first-hand how passionate he is about his work. He pays great attention to details and processes, and is proactive in seeking out knowledge and advice from people outside his group so he can be that much more effective in his role. Not to mention, he is collaborative and brings a positive attitude to work every day.”
Janna Finch, Co-worker IBM

“I am amazed by Matt’s ability to manage end-to-end blogs process from design, development, programming, testing, delivering, and client’s satisfaction. He is highly focused on analytical, project management, managing remote resources, managing client’s business needs contributing to team success.
Matt is well organized, diligent, and a fast learner. He has a log of expertise in web design, development, hosting, and cloud services. His energy and dedication to complete projects is great and helped us achieve great goals. One of the best web developers and analytic we had a pleasure working with.”
Reza Baraji, Co-worker IBM

“Matthew Comer is an exceptional co-worker and project management expert. I had the pleasure of working with him on a six-month project and couldn’t be more impressed with his work. On the project, Matthew was responsible for not only managing a team of Developers, but he was also tasked with managing the design and maintaining the relationship between the creative team and the stakeholders.

Matthew has great personal skills and made everyone feel important, he understood what it meant to let the experts work, but also knew when he needed to lead. He has a bright future ahead of him and I look forward to working with him again.”
Jan Morris, Co-worker and Team Member IBM

“Matt has passion in his work, always motivated, does his best every day and he finds time to help his teammates with his wide knowledge in XML, HTML, and JSP. It was an honor work with you Matt!”
Eber Gustavo, Co-worker IBM

“Matth is a very wonderful friend and an amazing professional. He helps and guides us all the time we need, is always friendly and atentious! His knowledge in XML, Eclipse, HTML and all the tools we do use is great! Thanks Matth for all! I wish you the best!”
Vanessa Sparagna Marques Malicia, Co-worker IBM

“Matt Comer is a skilled and experienced programmer who is unafraid of changing the status quo. He is creative and he possesses a vision that enables himself, and others around him, to realistically achieve their goals. Matt is a credible leader, a hard worker, and a creative programmer. Matt’s greatest quality is his ability to be liked by everyone; his positive attitude is quite contagious. Matt is an asset to any organization he is involved with.”
Christopher Lepard, Co-worker Texas Health and Human Services Formerly Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and also Formerly Texas Department of Human Services

“Matt is a great person to work with! He is very professional and always ready to help. Matt is is a very hard worker and often takes on extra work to help the team succeed and accomplish goal and deadlines. He keeps a clear vision and will find a way to reach for it!

It was an honor working with you! I wish you the best of luck!
Iliane Lorenz, Co-worker IBM

“Matt was the go to person for several areas of the web development and support areas for IBM’s business partner web site. He was was professional, prompt, very knowledgeable and always willing to help resolve any problems.”
Robert Felps, Co-worker IBM

“Matt is very conscientious and hard-working. He was an excellent teammate.”
Dan Eckam, Co-worker IBM

“Matthew Comer is not only a pleasure to work with, he is a motivated self-starter who requires little to no direction. Matt always rose to the occasion when asked to fill in for others. The best thing about Matt is his intelligence. He is very technically competent and was able to develop a creative technical solution to managing the Services content within the PartnerWorld Web site based on his knowledge of XML and .jsp.”
Linda Lisle, Co-worker IBM

“I had the privilege to work with Matt while at IBM. His attention to detail, perseverance and enthusiasm for his work often reminded me of why I started working in the software industry. I can say without hesitation that Matt is a great asset to any organization that he is a part of.”
Stan von Miller, Co-worker IBM

“Matt Comer is a valued and important person in the success of my businesses. He always has the right answer and solution to the IT questions and problems we toss his way. He also has great feedback and has become a very valued resource for us. I highly recommend Matt to any business, except our competitors!” – Steve Doss, Owner Impact MMA Fitness Franchise, Owner Premier Martial Arts

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