Cade’s 3rd Birthday Party

This weekend was full of new surprises and happenings for the Comers. There is a lot in the works right now and we are all busy little bees. More news coming soon.

Saturday was the big day. Cade's 3rd Birthday Party at Harry and Ellen Yarosh's beautiful home! We got there a little late, but as soon as we did, there was Mr. Cade going tee tee in the front yard. He was very excited to see the very happy GMAC, but very distraught Grace. The kids took to running around the party, chasing each other and being wild. Just being kids and having a great time. It was nice to visit with all of the family that gathered for the big day. But none as much as seeing the smile on Cade's little face as he was about to blow out all 3 of his candles.

The rest of the day was spent wrapping some business up together as a family, then off to Costco which has become the norm. All in all it was a great weekend and good things to come.

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