First Day at ADT

I am now officially an ADT Employee!

On March 4, I accepted an offer of full-time employment with ADT, as an Agile Lead. I have been working as a contractor with TEKsystems for a little over 6 months, since August 10, 2020.

Today, on March 15th, I onboarded with ADT and now an ADT employee! Even went into the local office in Austin to make it official, which is a rare thing, as this is work from home type of job. Most other folks that I work with are either in Irving, TX or Blue Bell, Pennsylvania or surrounding areas. And some other folks are a bit more spread out like I am here in Texas. Anyhow, I am super proud and excited to take this opportunity and recent Contract Conversion from my Contracting employment company TEKsystems and my Recruiter Carrie Pieri, whom I have dubbed the “Job Whisperer”, to her I am very grateful. If you too are looking to change jobs or need to find a new one, she will work tirelessly to help place you in a new role. Please reach out to me and I would be more than happy to provide an introduction.

There is a lot to be excited about in this new role as an Agile Lead (Scrum Master, Project Manger, IT Manager), along with a few other Agile Leads leading up the direction to full on Agile Scrum workplace through all of our projects and teams.

The people are great! Such a smart group of hard smart working dedicated folks whom I am humbled to a part of and able to work with side by side. The teams are amazing and highly functional development for Web and Mobile for Android and iOS. Along with the critical thinking QE and QA people alike. And the Management team that was so gracious to give me a shot are top notch go to bat for you and your ideas and give the flexibility to try and succeed or try and fail. And if you fail to try and try again, this is truly Agile coming from the top down. The Executive Leadership by all accounts and measures is steering the company in the right direction and forging new paths to bring in new businesses and extremely valuable partnerships. And to all of this is the reason that ADT is growing and hiring.

I feel that myself and my family have been truly blessed by such a wonderful opportunity and that the leadership at ADT had extended the offer for Full-time employment. I am appreciative and will do my best to be an asset to the company 146 years in the making.

The teams we leading are on the Google integration for all of their mobile apps in Android, iOs, and Web. The team sizes are to double, they are hiring for Product Engineers.

As for ADT as a company, profit and market share are at really great levels and on pace to get even better. And the day that I started as a Contractor, ADT announced Google partnership, with an almost 10% stake in the company and almost 1 billion investment and ADT investing 1/2 billion, too. And similar cash infusions over the next few years by both companies towards this venture, so it is a very exciting opportunity that I am part of and I feel that I am truly making a difference for the better and going to be able to reach the goals that are in our sights.

After a great pre-interview with my future Contracting employment company TEKsystems. interviewing like it wasn’t coming. While interviewing decided to take job with ADT in Irving, but then it became work from home forever.

With ADT got a raise, and 2% more 401k match, and what I am most stoked about is a potential 15-25+% yearly bonus. So fingers crossed that I can pull this off, as there is a lot to learn and do!

They were up 33% this year because everything going on and all the work from home stuff. But on the day I started, they announced Google partnership, with 10% stake in the company and almost 1 billion investment and ADT investing 1/2 billion, too.

The teams we leading are on the Google integration for all of their mobile apps in Android, iOs, and Web. The team sizes are to double, they are hiring for Product Engineers.

Finally, I would like to recognize somebody, Carrie Pieri, via Stayton Morgan, and per Kaia Naftel, all from TEKsystems, as they were all very helpful to me.
But it was Carrie that went ABOVE & BEYOND with words of encouragement and direct 1-on-1 daily help and assistance to help answer all of my questions and make me feel confident that I was making the right choice.

CARRIE. Carrie is the job whisperer. She took time to learn about me and ensure that I would be successful in my role and that it would be both a good fit for me and ADT as a Scrum Master. For me it was a very difficult decision. As at the same time, my old team from my 16 year tenure at IBM gave me a job offer that was considerably higher in pay rate.

Carrie was a great sounding board for me to understand my role at ADT and the opportunity that lay ahead for me. She prepared me for the interview, which became the best interview that I have had in my entire life (had previously performed terribly in past interviews and was deathly afraid of them).

She put me in touch with a previous employee, who had just left this position, where I was able to gain a ton of insight into the team, culture, company, and project prior to the interview. And even offered to connect me to others on the team to help me with my decision to accept the offer from ADT or not.

Carrie was extremely patient with me and helped me work through all different scenarios to ensure that the decision was all mine and that I was making the best decision for me and my family. Especially, during these crazy and unprecedented times!

After 16 years at IBM, June 22 was my last day, due to a large resource action that affected 22k US Employees primarily. It was unexpected and came as a shock to me as I had been performing many roles with complete client satisfaction. But on my 15th wedding anniversary I became a statistic and joined the 40 million recently unemployed looking for work. I was extremely anxious as I was looking to provide for my family as my wife who is a Dental Hygienist had not worked since Spring Break, due to Covid.

I have been contacted by many Recruiters over the years. And have worked successfully with one only once before.
All of the Recruiters that I contacted that were referred to me were unable to help and made me feel like there was no chance for a new role for what could be at least 6 months. Other Recruiters who randomly reached out to me during this period never took the time to get to know me and what I really had to offer.
Only one did. Carrie Pieri. At first I was a little taken back by the depth and duration of her questions, as I did not understand her methods. She is the reason that I am working at ADT. If I had not connected with her, I am certain that if the IBM offer had not come through, then I would still be unemployed to this day, just like most of my former co-workers.

My former colleagues are so impressed with me for how quickly I was able to get an offer and start work. I attribute this success to Carrie and refer all of them to her, so they too can be connected to their dream job.

The role at ADT that I had hired for could not be revealed to me at the time. But it was announced to the world on my start date ;-), that Google would be in long-term partnership with ADT for 1 billion investment and almost 10% ownership in the company. With additional monetary investments from both Google and ADT over the next 3 years.
This is certainly an amazing opportunity for the company and for me personally! I made the right decision.

Not only that, but with the bonus potential at ADT, I will have more earning potential than was possible for me at IBM. I know because I had been trying to get a Band increase and raise.

Again, I want to reiterate, all of this would not have been possible without Carrie.
I do not want to underestimate Kaia’s role and help either, as she too had been crucial in helping me realize and seize this opportunity.

Getting to know Carrie, I know that she enjoys what she does and likes to get to know people and help them through some of the worst and most troubling times of their lives. She likes to place the right people with the right company. And ensuring that she has left a person’s life better off than she found it. I feel that this is what drives her in her pursuit and career and her putting in long hours and weekend work. For what she has done for me, I have so much to repay, this may be my only way with this testimonial to her employer and for me to show her the kindness and respect that she deserves. But she deserves so much more. In my humble opinion, I think that she deserves a very nice bonus, raise, promotion, or all of the above.

Matt Comer CSM CSPO

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