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“When you meet someone from Austin, you realize how rare it is.”
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Austin is such a music city, and really it always has been. My father would take me to shows when I was younger and even though I don’t play, I really developed an appreciation for the arts. Austin has a film community too. I belong to the Austin Film Society, founded by Richard Linklater. It’s really big. I recently saw the 20th anniversary of Office Space. It still stands up, and it’s probably even better now! Anyhow, I think a lot of us from here can really relate to artists.

SXSW just happened here. For me, it officially kicked off when my friends and I got up on stage with Rage Against the Machine. Which was almost as cool attending Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion. It’s 2,000 people that get together at his movie studio, which is a ghost town, and people just take over. There’s a jail, a saloon, a chapel that only holds about 60 people. You have to get really lucky to get in. We’ve gotten in for the past several years. Maybe that’s one of the benefits of being born and raised here. You know exactly where to go, and what to do.

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Korean thrillers, How I met my wife (hint: it includes my lack of insurance and tooth pain), Kayaking, canoeing, boating, Armadillo Day, Living on the Colorado River

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I live in Austin the capital of Texas and the self proclaimed “Music Capital of the World” with my lovely wife Jenny and our two beautiful children: our son Garrett, and our daughter Grace. We enjoy being together as a family and with other family in the area. We like to try new food and go to our favorite restaurants. We enjoy travel and try to go to an exciting new place every year, as well as visiting existing favorite locations. I also enjoy pursuing passions such as photography. My wife and I love music and listen to Austin musicians and touring bands as much as we are able to now with the little ones. Volunteer work for SXSW and Old Settlers Music Festival. I operate a consulting business, doing freelance business as Matthew Comer and syphonsoft Web Hosting. I have several projects and long-term clients. I perform consulting to the State of Texas as a Catalog Information Systems Vendor (CISV) and can be found on the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) Vendor ID: 1205325509200. I am a business man and aspiring entrepreneur at heart. I operate several small businesses, Freeman Properties Property Management Company as well as other businesses listed on this site. I am currently employed as a contractor with Titan Solutions providing consulting for IBM. I work on a great team in the PartnerWorld Business Partner portal as a part of the IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) with the IBM Global Channel Enablement (CE) division. I started my seventh consecutive year-long contract in December of 2010. I am doing some amazing work on this team. I had built a system in which editors on the team can create and maintain HTML pages using an XML/XSL integrated WebSphere system. This allows the users to create pages much more easily. I enjoy the work, this is the best work of my career. This system is being sunset and we are migrating our systems to various internal CMS systems. I have taken on a new role of Content Manager for my growing team of India resources. I assign tasks and manage schedules on a daily basis. I am not looking for further employment at this point, but I am always open to hearing about other opportunities. If you are an employer or headhunter and know of a great working remotely employment opportunity that may be a really good fit that closely matches my skill-set, then please view my résumé. However, know that I am not actively looking for new employment, nor would I likely accept other employment at this time. If you are interested in hiring me as an independent consultant, contractor, web developer/designer to develop your website; or to redevelop and rethink your website, as my specialty is redeveloping and maintaining existing sites, then please contact me.
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